First Sunday Family Service

Rev. Sumikawa gave today’s Dharma Talk. He shared that the appeal of Buddhism is that we are able to apply many Christian or other belief systems principles to our own. There are many similarities and differences in each other’s approach in words.

We celebrated December birthdays today. Happy birthday Betty and Margaret!

After service, there was a very special guest. Santa (and his 100% recyclable beard) visited with the kids and adults and gave everyone a bag of holiday treats.

Our “First Sunday” craft activity was decorating ornaments with glitter. Each ornament was unique based on the colors that were mixed.

General Membership Meeting & Lunch

The Annual General Membership Meeting was held on December 9, 2018, immediately following the Bodhi Day Service.

Kailua Hongwanji Mission Officers and Directors for 2019 were confirmed and installation of the officers by Rev. Sumikawa followed the meeting.

  • President: Prudence Kusano

  • Vice President: Bob Nishita

  • Secretary: Joyce Nishita

  • Treasurer: Gerald Matsuda

  • Auditor: Geraldine Ochikubo

  • Immediate Past President: Dennis Tashiro

  • Directors:

    • Jean Fukumoto

    • Keiji Kukino

    • Allen Kusano

    • Joy Nishida

    • Cynthia Rodriguez

    • Merle Tashiro

After the meeting, we enjoyed lunch at New Mui Kwai II in Kailua.

Bodhi Day Service with Guest Speaker Sherman Thompson

Bodhi Day celebrates the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha under the Bodhi tree. Our guest speaker for today’s service was Sherman Thompson. A member of Lahaina Hongwanji Mission and their Kyodan board, Mr. Thompson also serves on the Hawaii Kyodan board, Pacific Buddhist Academy Board of Trustees, and the Honpa Hongwanji board.

Watch his Dharma Talk below or on our YouTube channel.

Sunday Family Service & Remembrance Day

For today’s Dharma Talk, Shirley Yanagisawa shared three things in November that help us to remember and give thanks:

  1. Veterans Day: we are reminded of the many sacrifices of the past and present members of the Armed Forces for our freedom.

  2. Eitaikyo: we held this special service last week as our expression of gratitude to the many members of our temple whose dedication, sacrifices, and support have made it possible for Kailua Hongwanji Mission to be what it is today.

  3. Thanksgiving: we all enjoyed our turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and other food items, some of which we are all still enjoying as leftovers days later. Shirley made her broccoli casserole on Thanksgiving, and she made it again to share for today’s refreshments.

Shirley asked each member to note three things we are thankful for. The notes will be strung together and placed on display in the temple.

Our next Family Service will be on Sunday, December 9, 2018, which will be followed by the Annual General Membership meeting. There will be no service on Sunday, December 2.

Shirley’s broccoli casserole, the recipe to which remains a secret

Eitaikyo Service with Guest Speaker Rev. Alan Urasaki

We held our Eitaikyo service today, a special service where we remember all the members who have come before us and their many contributions that have allowed us to continue spreading the dharma today.

Our guest speaker was Rev. Alan Urasaki. Rev. Urasaki is the Supervisory Chaplain at the Federal Detention Center. When he joined the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2002, he was the first Buddhist chaplain in the Federal Prison system.

Click below to watch the complete Eitaikyo service on our YouTube channel.


Dinner & A Movie Night - Coco

We held a Dinner & A Movie Night on November 11, 2018, featuring the movie Coco, which was the subject of one of Joy’s Dharma Talks.

Sunday Family Service

Today’s Dharma Talk was given by Keiji Kukino. Kuki just returned from a trip and shared his observations as he attempted to win it big in Las Vegas. Kuki also noted that we’ve entered November, when those in the East and West gather together and take time to give thanks, Eitaikyo and Thanksgiving, respectively.


First Sunday Family Service


Today’s Dharma Talk was given by Dr. Mike Jaffe. Mike’s talk was about the trials and tribulations of a man in his 50s. He identified the different stages of his life with that of The Buddha. He is using the Teachings to help him understand and cope with his current phase in life.