family service

Sunday Family Service

In today's Dharma Talk, Rev. Bert Sumikawa discussed wisdom and compassion. We need both. Buddhism is not about being nice. It's about being real and seeing things as they really are.

First Sunday Family Service

Dr. Michael Jaffe gave today's Dharma Talk, "The Science of Happiness." He shared photos of the people of Bhutan, which measures the level of happiness of its people. Happiness is a core philosophy of the Buddhist nation, which measures and tracks its Gross National Happiness.

We celebrated June birthday and, after today's service, we decorated hand-shaped cards for Father's Day as our First Sunday craft activity.

Gotan-E Service with Guest Speaker Rev. Arthur Kaufmann

Our guest speaker for our Gotan-E Service was Rev. Arthur Kaufmann. Rev. Kaufmann shared a message about caring. You can watch Rev. Kaufmann's Dharma Talk on our YouTube channel or by clicking on the play button below.

Sunday Family Service

Rev. Bert Sumikawa's gave the Dharma Message at our Sunday Family Service. We learned how geese support each other when they fly in a V formation. 

  • Behind the leader, each goose provides additional lift to the one flying behind it
  • The goose in the front, who doesn't get the benefit of reduced air resistance, expends the most energy as the leader of the formation.
  • When the lead goose becomes tired, it falls back and another steps in seemlessly as the leader.
  • Geese constantly honk at each other, encouraging those flying in front.
  • If a goose in formation becomes unable to continue, it falls out of formation. But it doesn't do so alone. A couple others will accompany the injured goose until it's able to return or dies.

Geese are able to fly farther because of their ability to work as a team. Like geese, our church depends on members working together and supporting each other. 

After the service, we said aloha and best wishes to Amy Eggers and her family, as they embark on a new adventure in California. 

Sunday Family Service

Today’s Dharma message was given by Rev. Bert Sumikawa.  His message was regarding Mother’s Day.

Rev. Sumikawa said there are a number of Sutras that express reverence towards one’s mother and about the mother-child relationships.  He drew memories of his own relationship with his mother.  While he was young, she seemed strict and would occasionally scold him.  But, she would do things that he would later realize she did those things because of her love for him.  

He recalled that he was participating in a 5th grade May Day program and he needed to wear a white shirt which he didn’t have.  He didn’t tell told his mother until the night before.  Although she scolded him for telling her so late, she bought material and supplies that night and he woke up the next morning and found a brand new shirt for him.  She reminded him again to not wait until the last minute to tell her he needed something.

After the service, we celebrated birthdays for the month of May.  Because there was no service last Sunday, we did the First Sunday Activities today – Mother’s Day flowers and yarn leis.

Earth Day Service

Today's Dharma Talk was given by Rev. Bert Sumikawa. April is when we celebrate Earth Day, so along with that theme, Rev. Sumikawa talked about garbage.

Today we sort our garbage, placing recyclables in one bin, greens in another, and everything else in the grey bin. Then, every week, garbage trucks empty the bins. The same can be said about suffering. Suffering can be sorted into various "bins" of greed, anger, or ignorance. And, like garbage trucks, people may collect and eventually dump the garbage. Rev. Sumikawa had all in attendance pledge to not be garbage trucks. He showed us a windmill he had made with recycled materials - something good that was made from what was otherwise garbage. 

Also on display for Earth Day were various items that Prudence made by recycling common household items, such as empty laundry detergent bottles, old pants, and even natto containers.

Eshinni Day Service with Guest Speaker Juliet Lee

Our guest speaker for our Eshinni Day service was Juliet Lee, a retired associate professor and an award-winning author. Eshinni Day honors Lady Eshinni, the wife of Shinran Shonin, and her contributions to the Hongwanji. You can watch Juliet's Dharma Talk on our YouTube channel or by clicking on the play button below.

Buddha Day Service with Guest Speaker Barbara Brennan

We celebrated Buddha Day (Hanamatsuri), which marks the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha around 2,500 years ago. Our guest speaker was Barbara Brennan, who shared the truth, pratītya-samutpāda, that all things are interdependent, interconnected, and intricately joined together with one another. You can watch Barbara's Dharma Talk on our YouTube channel or by clicking on the play button below.

The hanamido was decorated mostly with flowers made out of recycled materials and with just a handful of real plumeria and greenery. Mahalo to the members who have been making the flowers over the past few weeks, donated the real flowers and greens, and assembled the hanamido on Saturday.

Sunday Family Service

For today's Dharma Talk, Dennis shared some of his favorite things with us: University of Hawaii sports (especially football and basketball), golf, and baking. These pastimes have allowed him to better understand interdependence and impermanence.

First Sunday Family Service

Joy gave us a picture-book summary of the Oscar-winning movie Coco. Many of the events of the  film from Disney/Pixar takes place around the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, or The Day of the Dead, which is a time for families to remember family members have died. Joy described the parallels to the Buddhist Obon, where we celebrate and honor the spirits of one's ancestors.

After the service, we celebrated Hanamatsuri (flower festival) by making flowers out of recycled plastic bottles and paper, as well as dyeing eggs in colorful shades of spring.

Happy Birthday to our April birthdays!