Sunday Family Service

You can’t change the past. You can change the future.

Bob Nishita's Dharma Talk was around two themes: "You can't change the past. You can change the future," and "You can't change others. You can change yourself." 

Sunday Family Service

Rev. Umitani shared the Buddhist origins of four Japanese words or expressions that we often use:

  • Akirameru (あきらめる): commonly means "give up," but more importantly, we need to reflect on why we stopped attempting, otherwise it leads to regret and blame (unhappy face). Instead, we use our Buddhist teachings to see things as they truly are (happy face).
  • Arigatai (ありがたい): means "thank you," but literally means "difficult to exist." How fortunate I am to live here and now.
  • Mottainai (もったいない): means "wasteful," but also when someone ignores the truth of interdependence, thinking that one exists only by one's own efforts. Mottainai encourages us to be aware of the many gifts of others, and have a sense of appreciation.
  • Okagesama (おかげさま): means "I am what I am because of you." Kage is a shadow. How often do you have a chance to see your own shadow? Okagesama is a word to express our appreciation for the many gifts we are constantly receiving.

First Sunday Family Service

For today's Dharma Talk about greed and its role in causing suffering, Prudence shared Should I Share My Ice Cream?, a book in the Elephant & Piggie series by Mo Willems. The dilemma faced by Gerald the elephant as he debated sharing his ice cream with Piggie, and the surprising outcome, was one that both kids and adults could relate to.

Rev. Umitani & family

After today's service, we had, not one, but two fun First Sunday craft activities. First, we made paper spider hats complete with bulging eyes and eight creepy legs, each one uniquely decorated.

The second activity was making slime using glue and a secret ingredient (hint: it was saline solution). Everyone chose their own colors and added their choice of glitter to make it sparkle.

Autumn Ohigan & Peace Day Service


Today's service was about Ohigan (Autumn Equinox) and Peace. Rev. Umitani said Ohigan is when we should set aside time during our busy schedule to listen to the Buddha's Teachings for guidance.

September 21 was a day people all over the world celebrated International Day of Peace (aka "Peace Day"). Rev. Umitani said we should understand the importance of peace and that peace comes from within.

At the end of the service, the Sangha individually rang the temple bell ("Kansho") to announce our want for world peace.

Sunday Family Service

No matter how busy we are or how diligent we are in studying the Dharma, we are already Buddhists in action!

Joy Nishida shared a multimedia Dharma Talk on Buddhists In Action, which was the theme of the 2017 Annual Lay Convention. 

Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki

Confirmation Rites

First row (L-R): Wyatt Fujikawa, Emma Fujikawa, David Kagawa, John Kaizuka. Second row (L-R): Dennis Tashiro, Amy Eggers, Linda Jaffe, Jenn Kane & Rev. David Nakamoto 

First row (L-R): Wyatt Fujikawa, Emma Fujikawa, David Kagawa, John Kaizuka. Second row (L-R): Dennis Tashiro, Amy Eggers, Linda Jaffe, Jenn Kane & Rev. David Nakamoto 

Eight individuals of Kailua Hongwanji Mission participated in the Confirmation Ceremony held at the Hawaii Betsuin on September 10, 2017 officiated by His Eminence Gomonshu Kojun Ohtani (spiritual leader of the Hongwanji). During the ceremony, an individual confirms his/her entry into the Path of the Nembutsu and affirms reverence toward the Three Treasures of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Each participant received a Dharma Buddhist Name (Homyo) 

Sunday Family Service

Rev. Nakamoto spoke about sustainability and how it starts with just a little act, like bringing a reusable mug to Sunday service.

Rededication & First Sunday Family Service

Watch Rev. Nakamoto's Dharma Talk by clicking on the play button above.

Our first Family Service since our summer break was also our Rededication Service. Rev. David Nakamoto gave today's Rededication Dharma Talk and reflected on his conversations with the late Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom, who recently passed away

Being that it was also our First Sunday Family Service, children and adults alike participated in two fun craft activities after the service: making peace bracelets in celebration of Peace Day later this month, as well as coloring paper dolls. The dolls are on display in the church.

The new uchishiki (altar cloth) donated by the Kailua Hongwanji Buddhist Women's Association (KHBWA) was on display on the alter. Rev. Umitani helped to order and pick up the uchishiki on one of his trips to Japan.

International Peace Day is on September 21, 2017

International Peace Day is on September 21, 2017