Sunday Family Service with Guest Speaker Sheera Tamura

We had a special guest speaker for today's Dharma Talk. Sheera Tamura is a senior at Pacific Buddhist Academy and, since 2017, president of the Jr. Young Buddhist Association (Jr. YBA) Hawaii Federation.

Sheera shared "It's a Small World After All," a photo album of her experiences through programs such as the Young Buddhist International Cultural Study Exchange (YBICSE), as a student at Pacific Buddhist Academy, and with the Jr. YBA. 

After the service, we had an encore of the bleeding tissue craft activity for those who weren't able to attend the First Sunday service earlier this month (and those who wanted to do it again).

Making Takuan for Taste of Hongwanji

Kailua Hongwanji Mission temple members gathered to prepare takuan (pickled daikon radish). The takuan will be available for purchase at the Taste of Hongwanji & Spring Bazaar on Sunday, March 25, 2018 at the Hawaii Betsuin.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Tashiro & Roy Miyamoto

Spring Ohigan Service with Rev. Hiramatsu

Spring Ohigan marks the change in seasons, from winter to spring. Our guest speaker was Rev. Sandy Hiramatsu, who served as the resident minister of Kailua Hongwanji Mission from 1990 to 1993.

Rev. Hiramatsu shared her memories of the original temple building, marching in the Kailua 4th of July parade and spreading word of our bon dance to the community, and starting a children's choir, highlighting the importance of music.

On display in the temple were two uchishiki (altar cloths) that were made by member Carrie Kawamoto. 

Rev. Hiramatsu asked the children in attendance to pick a stuffed animal that most closely represented the way they feel when they come to church.

At the end of the service, Rev. Sumikawa lead us in singing words of Thanksgiving.

First Sunday Family Service

We welcomed (back) Rev. Bert Sumikawa to Kailua Hongwanji Mission for his first family service as our resident minister. Rev. Sumikawa most recently was the resident minister of Mo’ili’ili Hongwanji Mission. For his first Dharma Talk, Rev. Sumikawa shared his journey from growing up in Pearl City and Kailua, to becoming a pediatric dentist, and, after retiring from his dentist practice, becoming a Shin Buddhist minister. Read more about Rev. Sumikawa in the March newsletter.

After the service and refreshments, members of all ages participated in a First Sunday craft activity. We used bleeding tissue paper to create colorful spring artwork, each one individual and unique.

We celebrated our March birthdays. Happy birthday!

4th Annual Founders' Day Service

KHM President Prudence Kusano with Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki and Dayle Kuniyuki

Kailua Hongwanji Mission celebrated its 4th annual Founders’ Day during the Sunday Family Service on February 25, 2018. It is a day to remember our past lay leaders for all that they have done over the years – from the founding of our temple in 1968 – to make Kailua Hongwanji Mission what it is today.

In his Dharma Talk, Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki mentioned that we should remember the founders of Kailua Hongwanji Mission and express our gratitude for what our temple is for all of us today – a wonderful place to listen to the Dharma and to enjoy fellowship with the temple Sangha. Rev. Kuniyuki also shared some numbers related to the Dharma teachings and their significance: 3 Treasures, 4 Noble Truths, 8-fold Path and 3 Poisons.

The temple members thanked Rev. Kuniyuki for serving as the interim temple minister during January and February and expressed appreciation for his presence as a minister and a friend of Kailua Hongwanji Mission. The members also expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Dayle Kuniyuki for attending the services whenever Rev. Kuniyuki conducted the Sunday Services. 

Sunday Family Service


Bob enjoys history and his Dharma Talk included several bits of historical information. Bob showed three kanji (Chinese characters) and how from ancient times the first two were combined to make the third kanji.

門 – Mon (“Gate”)

耳 – Mimi (“Ear”)

聞– Kiku (“Listen”)

The third kanji suggests “putting your ear to the gate and listen.” Perhaps, in modern times the third kanji would suggest that we open the gate to the temple and listen to the Dharma.

In past centuries, foreign countries had influence on Japanese food.

  1. Portuguese sailors introduced kabocha to Japan bringing it from Cambodian.  The Portuguese name for the squash, Cambodia abobora, was shortened by the Japanese to kabocha.  In some regions of Japan, it is called bobora.
  2. Tempura and Anpan are also the results of Portuguese influence.
  • For tempura, the Portuguese introduced the frying technique of using flour and egg as a batter.
  • The dessert anpan is derived from part Japanese, an – bean paste, and Portuguese, pan – derived from pao, the Portuguese word for bread.

The above are examples of our interdependence and interconnectedness with others.

Dayle Kuniyuki, friend Grace, and Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki

Sunday Family Service with Guest Speaker Jay Sakashita

KHM President Prudence Kusano, Guest Speaker Jay Sakashita, & Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki

Guest speaker Jay Sakashita gave today's Dharma Talk about love from the Buddhist perspective. Dr. Sakashita is a Professor of Religion at Leeward Community College and a lecturer at UH Manoa. He also writes a popular column on religion in MidWeek called "Misfit Spirit."

Rev. Nakamoto Honored at Legislative Assembly (Giseikai)

Photo courtesy of Alan Kubota

Rev. David & Irene Nakamoto were honored for his retirement at the 106th Annual Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Legislative Assembly (Giseikai) on February 10, 2018.

Rev. Nakamoto retired in September 2017 after seven years as Kailua Hongwanji's resident minister.

First Sunday Family Service

For today's Dharma Talk, Rev. Kuniyuki reviewed a fundamental teaching of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths.

  1. Life is suffering (dukkha) 
  2. Suffering is caused by greed, anger (aversion), and ignorance (not knowing)
  3. Stopping suffering can be achieved by eliminating greed, anger, and ignorance
  4. The way to eliminate greed, anger, and ignorance is the Eightfold Path

After the service, the sangha participated in First Sunday Family Activities. This month, members young and young-at-heart enjoyed a variety of Valentine's Day-themed crafts including valentine visors and heart-shaped pillows. 

We celebrated February birthdays. Happy birthday!